Forgive me for acting blind when I clearly saw your heart in the palm of my hand
Forgive me for stepping back instead of holding on to you as you stand
I’m a coward who’s too afraid to live
I’m a coward who cannot give
I tortured my feelings in a prison of guilt
Crying over songs and lyrics that I’ve spilt
Forgive me for pushing you when I showed you how I much I loved you
Forgive me but I’m too fucked up to embrace someone¬†like you



You didn’t ask for the impossible but I showed you it was
I can’t express myself with words as they seem to abandon me for my flaws
You’re part of lyrics I secretly sing when I’m alone
The only verse that speaks of my feelings proud to say my own
it’s a bittersweet melody from the bliss of dreams to the harsh reality
Swiftly entered my life and saw me for who I am, isn’t it a tragedy
Ask me how much you mean to me and I’ll keep running away every time
You’re a soul I’ll let go when time comes to commit the crime
You’re a heart I refuse to break embraced with a spell of an angel voice
You’re a life I lived in my fantasy, if only kissing you was a choice

Out of Character

I’m about to break down an essay and it won’t be an easy A
I’m a writer of emotions that drives me from insanity to bliss in a day
I don’t belong to a love I called The One and I rather not say I am
The only apology you’ll hear from me is when I’ll walk away ‘sorry it’s in my DNA’
I just broke my usual lining just to show you I stand on my throne like a queen