Emotionally Abused

It’s quite hollow if you look closely
My corpse is more of a shell but hazy
I lost my soul trying to find you
Would you over-dose me with feelings for two ?
My skin is bruised and my mind is battered
Don’t hold my hand, I’m too afraid to move forward
Emotionally drained with an abused tear
Embrace what’s left of me that lives in fear
Fractured and broken shards of me trying to cry
I gave up on what you call feelings, how can I fly ?


Secret Song

Your eyes spoke a thousand words while your lips stay silent
Don’t tell me how you feel, your gaze always been fluent
Reality seprated us in what they call the light
Safely in the shadows our hands embraced tight
I won’t confess to you how my heart burns
Everytime I pretend as my tear toss and turns
How can I be fine when I’m restless, my mind craves you
Wondering if you are listening to the same song too


I’ve seen you fly with a black wing as the other decay
Your mind is a beautiful song that I’ll forever obey
We play the same track and recite every word
“listen to this” became a goodmorning text from you with a song unheard
No need for romantic words when your eyes says everything
Give me a playlist that speaks your emotions and feeling
Teach me how to breath when you lean in to me and say:
Sync with me…