Name me your lost constellation with my scattered stars
You wouldn’t need to set a destination route, it’s bled from my scars
My story wasn’t written by an astronomer but mermaids
Hard to believe isn’t it? Have you heard the sirens’ serenades?
It starts slow but honesty seem to fade when guilt line is gone
I sleep at ease at night but I’m not pure white like a swan


He Said,,,

Because you’re putting me on the edge, he said
Was I too scared to admit that my heart was dead

I want to be there for you, he said
Just like the venom swimming in my head

I want to see you soon, he said
I do … But all I can see is red

Just say you won’t let go, he said
Your words wash away what my demons bled

I love you, he said
Guilty, my heart pled

I love youBut I’m terrified from it


Imperfect Stranger


Moved around memories I’ve kept in the dusty shelf


Under your cloud, I’ve bled my tears in what seems forever


Are an art form of a song I looped endlessly without getting bored


Told me words I never wanted to hear but needed them to wake me


Held on to me even when I was a reckless mess of a human